Pete Lockwood

Pete Lockwood, thanks to the influence of an older brother, was introduced to Santana’s music at a ridiculously early age, and he’s been enthralled ever since by the mind blowing percussion, the soulful guitar of Carlos and the unmistable vibe of the Hammond organ. So when Oye Santana were looking for likely candidates to play drums and percussion, Pete was a shoo-in. A confirmed Santanorak (just like the rest of the band), he plays congas in our tracks-based line ups, and kit with the 7-piece.

As a drummer in rock bands (among them Floydian Doors, a leading Pink Floyd and Doors tribute) he’s gigged all over the UK during his 25 years of performing live, but there’s more to him than that. He’s also an accomplished guitarist in his own right, with tours of the UK and Europe and several BBC radio appearances under his belt.