Milan ‘Carlos’ Webb

When Milan Webb plays a guitar solo, he takes no prisoners. It’s not just his superb technique and wonderful tone that make him the ideal ‘Carlos’ for Oye Santana. It’s also his view that it’s his duty to wring every ounce of emotion out of a ballad, to inject even more excitement into up tempo numbers and never to forget that music is less about showing off than about communicating with your audience.

It’s a trade Milan has been plying almost as long as Carlos Santana himself – and along the way he’s immersed himself not only in the mysteries of latin rock, but jazz, fusion, straight ahead blues, acoustic playing – you name it, and he’s done it. And he’s played every type of gig from dances to concerts, at venues from tiny back rooms via circuit favourites such as The Blues Loft and Friars, to Wembley – plus overseas work across Europe.

Enough words. Click here and check him out for yourself.